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This just in...CoKL Official Plan Includes Four Mile Lake Special Lake Policies
(May 25, 2009)
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What is the New CoKL Official Plan?
(...and what does it mean to FMLA?)
by Jim Russell - August, 2006

The CoKL new Official Plan may be one of the most important issues that 4Milers and FMLA must deal with over the next year.  The formal publication of the CoKL development plans, recognition of key areas like 4ML, and the preservation of the "quality of life" that 4Milers love - and the formal by-laws that govern all of these issues - will be formulated over then next several months.  It is these policies and by-laws that will have the strength to guide future development on 4ML.

Issues like backlot (and cluster) development, promotion of commercial development (eg: marinas, trailer parks, etc), industrial development (gravel pits), tourism facilities (eg: motocross park, campgrounds, etc.) are all addressed in the OP, and can affect 4ML dramatically. We must be sure to have key input to ensure the preservation of the environment of 4ML and it's watershed - areas like the Carden Plain (west FML), Altberg Preserve/Watershed, as "irreplaceable assets"; unique features of 4ML such as the beginning of the Canadian Shield; and the "4ML quality of Life" that all our residents and members have grown to enjoy and respect.

As committed to our members at the FMLA AGM in June, the executive has initiated a committee to coordinate review and input to the CoKL Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning documents. (Brian Causton, Rob Sylvester, Brian Woods, Chris Ostrovski, ).  We have attended the Public Meetings held by CoKL regarding the preparation, review and finalization process of the new Official Plan.

FMLA has contracted a Certified Lake Planner, to aid us in preparation of our submission to CoKL Official Plan process.  It is this course of action that will give our issues and values the strength and "legal teeth" desired in the Official Plan.

[If you have questions, or input, please contact , FMLA]

/by Jim Russell, FMLA