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FMLA Prepares for New CoKL Official Plan

UPDATE...August 22, 2006                                                
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The formal publication of the new CoKL Development Plans and the formal by-laws that govern development and the associated issues - will be finalized over the next several weeks.  It is these policies and by-laws that will guide future development on 4ML.

FMLA has obtained the assistance of a Certified Lake Planner, to help prepare a proposed "Specific Lake Policy" for the new CoKL Official Plan.  This is a unique opportunity for 4ML stakeholders to provide input and guidance to the OP.  This Policy would form a specific part of the CoKL OP, addressing the issues, values that are important to residents of 4ML.  Some of the areas of interest that we will address include:

- backlot & cluster development
- commercial & industrial development
- aggregate/quarrying development
- residential development
- promote an 'environment first' principle for land use on 4ML and watershed
- preserve the unique environmental, geographic, natural, social and physical elements that are integral to the high quality of life in the 4ML watershed.

Our recommendations must be submitted to CoKL in early September.

Your FMLA executive & OP committee is working hard to ensure that the process of completing the new CoKL Official Plan includes the feedback of 4ML residents - in order to preserve the uniqueness and quality of life that all of the residents love to enjoy.  

WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!  We welcome and encourage all members to have input to the 4ML submission of proposals.  The CoKL OP is a detailed document, and if you would like to read the full CoKL OP document, please contact us. OR...if you would like to get copy of the complete 4ML submission of proposals, please contact us.

Please send your comments, questions or ideas.

If you have questions, or input, please contact .