Help - Can't see a picture screen OR Getting a Security Warning message?

Many web page features use Oracle's JAVA to show some applications, picture viewing, etc.  You need this JAVA application installed on your computer to be able to see these features. 

Don't have JAVA installed?
If you don't have JAVA installed on your computer, you can get it free here:



Security Warning Message?

The latest JAVA updates (if you have updated JAVA on your computers) have increased security measures that are quite cumbersome. The updates also automatically set your security level to HIGH.

When you accept to install the Java update (especially starting with #51 update), JAVA automatically sets your security to highest level. This disallows most all web applications from running. Many users are complaining about it, so maybe JAVA will change it with their next update? (or maybe not).


The fix is the same for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Here is the fix:

1.Click Start, Go to Control Panel
2.Double click on JAVA
3.Open Security tab
4.Select Medium
5.Click on APPLY
6.Restart your web browser


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