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[updated: May 09, 2015]

  1. 4 Mile Lake Water Quality by Chris Ostrovski

  2. Eurasian Milfoil in 4ML by Chris Ostrovski

  3. FMLA CoKL Official Plan - by Jim Russell

  4. Zebra Mussel Report - by Jim Russell; Everything you need to know about Zebra Mussels; includes interview with Dr. G. Mackie, ZM expert at University of Guelph [download Report on Zebra Mussels]

  5. BEARS! Watch your garbage! Call Bear Hotline [Read More here]

  6. Loons on Four Mile Lake, by Vic Orr - Aug 2012

  7. New Septic Re-inspection Standards - see how it affects you?

  8. Uranium Mining in Cottage Country!-decoration: none">Uranium Mining in Cottage Country! - read more on FMLA forum [click here]

  9. New MNR Angling laws affect Four Mile Lake! 12-mo/yr fishing! [click here]

  10. Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxes (WRAFT)

  11. CoKL Burn By-Law in CoKL

  12. Major Storm Damage on 4ML June 2011 - more on FMLA Forum Pics of tornado in Coboconk & 4ML

  13. Boating Safety - by Brian Causton

  14. How To Protect Your Cottage From Forest Fire (Cottage Life magazine article)

  15. Shore Primer - explains how to preserve your shoreline's true nature or restore an altered shore. [free download]

  16. Dock Primer - how to construct a practical, shoreline-friendly dock. published by Cottage Life for Fisheries and Oceans Canada. [free download]

  17. Bear Mischief & Bear Survival - tips on avoiding bear mischief on 4ML, by Jim Russell; including Bear Survival techniques

  18. Eating Sport Fish in Ontario - by Brian Woods

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