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Fireworks By-Law & Safe Use
from Brian McCuaig, Fire Prevention Inspector


CoKL Burn By-Law

Did You Know?
That fireworks cannot be discharged closer than 30m from any building OR property line?

(So you must be 30m away from your neighbours property line and 30m from any buildings, boathouse or accessory building).

Check Road Fire Warning Signs OR CoKL web site for Fire Warning and Burn Limits/Restrictions


For more information about the Fireworks By-Law please contact Fire Headquarters at 324-5731

If you see fire use or burning that looks unsafe - take action - talk to your neighbours - or call Fire Headquarters at 324-5731

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CoKL Fire Stations


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City of Kawartha Lakes has a By-Law (2007-236) regulating the use of consumer fireworks. The by-law regulates the precautions that must be taken. 

Here are a few of the key regulations from the By-Law...


  • Use fireworks only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

  • No one under the age of 18 is to set off any consumer fireworks other than a sparkler while under the supervision of a responsible adult

  • No person shall discharge fireworks closer than 30m/100ft to any building or structure or property line.

  • No person shall discharge consumer fireworks into, inside of, or on any building, accessory building, structure, or motor vehicle.

  • Use fireworks in a manner that will not cause risk to persons or property

  • Do not use fireworks indoors, on a public street or in a public park The use of fireworks is prohibited during any imposed burn ban

Here is a CoKL "quick reference guide" outlining some of the key points of the Fireworks By-Law.

CoKL Fire Prevention Officers advise that if someone is being unsafe or is violating the fireworks by-law, you should call 911 and report it if its an immediate hazard. .

For more information about the Fireworks By-Law please contact Fire Headquarters in Lindsay at 324-5731 or Fire Prevention Inspectors located at the Municipal Service Centres in Coboconk, Kirkfield, Omemee and Bobcaygeon.

REMEMBER - even screened, covered fire pits can throw sparks and embers high up into overhead trees - and these dry leaves, needles and branchs can combust quickly high above the ground, spreading from tree to tree!  FIRES ARE DANGEROUS!!

    Your Directors, FMLA

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