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on Saturday September 3rd, 2016

Avery Spitz Organizes "Loonies 4 Loons - 2016"
Sat. Sept 3, 2016, 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Public Boat Launch
Donate to "Loonies 4 Loons"

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Check the LIST daily needs of the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary - maybe you can help?

Read what Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary said about Avery's wonderful donations [July 2015]


Save Loons from Lead

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Special Notice!
The local radio station (BOB FM) and Carrie O’Marra and the BOB mobile will be coming out to 4ML to broadcast the event!  Come out and meet everyone!


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"Avery's passion to help wildlife in need, in particular the loons, radiates and becomes instantly contagious!  We are so touched by her dedication to raise funds for us here at Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary.  Little did we know that when we first met her 4 years ago that she would become such an avid supporter of wildlife rehabilitation.  Our sanctuary is 100% volunteer-based, and as a charity, we rely on public donations to help us care for the 100's of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife we receive each year.  So far, the proceeds from Avery's Loonies 4 Loons fundraiser helped us to construct a beautiful Water Bird enclosure on the pond, where different species of water birds can be raised, rehabilitated and prepped for release back into the wild.  This year we hope to raise enough funds to purchase some essential medical equipment for our new ICU/Nursery.  We are thrilled that Avery is once again helping us save our wildlife...one loonie at a time." [Monika Melichar, Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary, July 2015]


Rob, Elain and Avery Spitz


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