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August 25 2012

by Vic Orr


see what 6 year-old Avery Spitz is doing to help! [click here]

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Earlier this afternoon Ruth and I observed three mink from the shore of the island in the north end of the lake catching mussels and carrying them onto the land to eat.  Are we not fortunate to have such diversity of wildlife on and around our lake? Such a loss it would be not to hear the haunting sounds of the loon in early morning in summer.

COLO-Horvaths.jpgThese beautiful birds migrate to the inland lakes from the ocean in spring in order to reproduce and they encounter numerous obstacles during migration; some make it and others perish along the way. So far this year two loons on Four Mile lake have perished, apparently due to trauma which was believed to be caused by a collision with a boat.

Certainly the majority by far of lake residents value the loons and hold them in high esteem, and are concerned when they are threatened. 

This is not the case with everyone however and reportedly people were observed on the lake chasing a loon with a fast watercraft even shouting and taunting the bird. Loons are protected under a federal law known as the Migratory Birds Convention Act and there are heavy fines imposed for the perpetrator if convicted.

Anyone observing such acts should, if possible take pictures and record details of the perpetrator so that the appropriate charges can be laid.

On a happier note, two loon chicks have recently been reported from a territory in the north west corner of the lake. Normally we have three nesting pairs on the lake but this will make a fourth nesting pair this year.

Enjoy this beautiful lake and give it's wildlife space to thrive also.

Vic Orr

Loonies 4 Loons

Just in case you haven't already heard I thought I'd let you know that our 6 year old next door neighbour, Avery Spitz, who was extremely upset that our two 8 week old loon chicks had been hit by a boat and died, has decided to raise money for the Wildlife Sanctuary which cared for one of the chicks. She will be having a lemonade stand called Loonies 4 Loons next Saturday, September 1st starting at 2 p.m. at the boat launch area (Hillside Drive at Birchglen). Please come out and support her efforts!

Anne McEwen

Great Day!

'Thank you to everyone from our beloved Four Mile Lake and Burnt River who so kindly came out and donated to a cause close to our little Avery's heart. With your generosity, she was able to raise $302 for the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden. Words cannot express how grateful we are to all of you for your love and support. To our wonderful friends on Juniper Crescent we love you! And to all of the new friends we made last Saturday we can't wait to see you all again!'

Rob, Elain and Avery Spitz


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