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August 31 2013

Avery Spitz Organizes "Loonies for Loons (Part 2)"
Sat. Aug 31, 2013, 10:00am, Public Boat Launch


2013 Event Poster by Avery

see what 6 year-old Avery Spitz did for Loons in 2012 [click here]

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7 Sept 2013
Thank you again to our friends and neighbours on Four Mile Lake. With your generous support, Avery raised over $400 for the Wildlife Sanctuaries who care for the loons and other wildlife on our lake. It truly is a testament to the people we have grown to know and love that a little girl can raise that much money selling lemonade, however we all know it’s more than just lemonade, it’s the love we all have for the welfare of FML and our animal friends who share it with us. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts…until next year!!


Rob, Elain and Avery Spitz

Thank you!



2013 Event


Rob, Elain and Avery Spitz


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