Problems with your browser?

Can you view the FMLA web pages, but sometimes cannot follow the "links" to other pages?

Can you view the FMLA web pages or linked pages on some computers but not on others?

....Here's one solution that may help...

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 has many bugs in it, and can refuse to read some web pages (locks up).  I removed IE8 and returned to IE7, which solved most all of my problems.  Mozzilla Firefox also seems to work well.

Many browsers, especially with MS Vista or Win7, have major safety/security precautions that automatically prevent access to almost "everywhere". Some users may have to add the "linked" web site to the Privacy "allowed" list. 

This may be your problem in some cases.

Here's how

on Microsoft IE7-IE11...

  1. <tools>, <Internet Options>, <Privacy>,
  2. then click on the "Sites" button,
  3. add the web address ("") of the web page that you cannot access, to the Addition field,
  4. and press "Allow", and then "OK"